The Emotional Organ or Second Brain
by Katie Murphy

The experience of being responsible for nearly 40,000 colonics has given me a unique perspective on the colon and overall health. Of all the information shared over the years about colon health, everyone’s favorite topic is the emotional aspects of the colon. Did you know the colon’s nickname is “the emotional organ”?

The colon is basically two muscles, one wrapping around the other forming a tube about five to six feet long. By far the most interesting fact is that the colon has about the same number of nerve endings as the human brain – millions. It is the only organ that can function after it is removed from the body and completely detached from the brain. Once removed, stuff it full of fiber and the colon will know to push the fiber out. The colon has another nickname “the second brain”.

Like the brain, the colon’s nerves are connected to every part of the body and will register and retain information, memory, and feelings of any experience that happened anywhere in the body. Also, like the brain, the colon can initiate memory and send messages to all parts of the body. Science is even researching a theory the colon might have a subconscious! Personally, my gut feeling how could it not?

Many books, such as those written by Caroline Myss, document the association of unresolved emotional issues and ill health. The vibration energy of all emotional issues become stored in various parts of the body and negatively affects the function and performance of their corresponding body parts. The colon, just like the brain, has all the emotional information! Therefore the colon also has all the vibration energy associated with each emotion and its health is determined by all human experiences.

From experience providing Clarity Integration and cranial sacral work, I have learned where many emotional issues, physical health issues and spiritual directions are stored as memory in the brain and can be found and read much like a map. Colonics have shown me that similarly the colon reads like a map. Have an emotional or physical stress and there is a corresponding area in the colon that is stressed. Vise versa, find a stressed area in the colon and then follow its relationship to the corresponding body part. You will discover the emotional issues the other parts of the body that are emotionally affected and stressed. Just as it is important to have a healthy mind, it is important to have a healthy colon.

This is one of the reasons I love helping people with Colonics. They are so powerful. Colonics are so much more than what most people realize.

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