INR seated chair® massage

A stress relieving session makes the most of breaks.

In a short amount of time you are relaxed, alert, and refreshed.

The massage is done through the clothing, making it convenient and psychologically comfortable. An abbreviated version of the INR Technique® is used to facilitate our philosophy: pain relief + stress relief = relaxation & rejuvenation.

We require a minimum of 2 hours. Each massage therapist can do the following in one hour:

  • Two 20 minute massages
  • Three 15 minute massages
  • Five 10 minute massages
  • Nine 5 minute massages

Use the powerful tool of seated chair massage for:

  • Incentive and Recognition Program
  • Customer Appreciation Program
  • Convention/Trade Shows
  • Hospitality Programs
  • Meetings/Seminars
  • Promotional Events
  • Stressful Projects
  • Special Events