Stress Management Classes

Reduce stress, relax and create more peace in your life.

Our Stress Management classes maximize individual effectiveness, to deal with the impact of stress and lifestyle choices. Training sessions empower individuals with tools to manage stressful issues in all aspects of their lives. All classes can be tailored to your specific needs.

We offer three dynamic Stress Management Seminars:

Stress Management on the Go - 2 hour class
This workshop includes:
- Lessons on how water, deep breathing and movement increase energy.
- Using Aromatherapy to support mental and physical stress.
- Exercises that can be done anywhere in less than 10 minutes. These exercises will relieve stress and increase clarity and enhance vitality.

Rejuvenation Getaway
This workshop includes:
- "Stress Management on the Go"
- Brain Gym exercises
- Daily 10 minute movement exercise
- 15 minute seated chair massage
- Discount on a full body massage
- 3 hours, 3-4 day retreat or off site events

This extensive seminar is designed to empower individuals with tools to take their power back from stress. Participants will learn simple but effective acupressure and massage techniques, which can be self-administered to reduce stress and anxiety.

Stress Buster - 2 hours - 6 weeks
This workshop includes:
- Brain Gym exercises to enhance whole brain learning
- "Stress Management on the Go"
- Seated Chair massage
- Relaxation CD

This program will show measurable improvements in depression, anxiety, hypertension, stress, energy levels and productivity.

Programs are designed to relieve stress from the body and mind, promote well-being, increase flexibility and improve balance.

All classes are participatory. Hand-outs will be provided for continued practice at home or work.